California WDO Report 8.5×14 Old Style

I’ve been wanting to post some samples of the old 8.5×14 WDO Termite Report for California from the past. After searching through some old files I happened to find a couple of examples. I removed all the personal information and company names so I could post these for your viewing pleasure. One of the main reasons that I wanted to post these was to show where the 1-11 area categories came from. Newer inspectors that work with companies that still categorize their reports by the old 1-11 system don’t realize why there are 11 areas of the property. The reason is that the Structural Pest Control Board’s required form for many years specified the 11 areas and they had to be properly filled in on every report. This was back when the report was still tall enough at the 8.5×14 size.

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