Report Types

The California Wood Destroying Pest and Organisms Report has 4 different types:

Complete Report:

A Complete Report is a full inspection of the building described on page one and shown in the diagram area of the report.

Limited Report:

A Limited Report is an inspection of specific area of a building.  Limited reports must specify the name of the person requesting the limited inspection and identify the specific area(s) inspected.  The report must also recommend further inspection of the areas not inspected.

Supplemental Report:

A Supplemental Report is issued when additional findings are discovered during treatment or repairs or when an inaccessible area is opened for inspection.

Re-Inspection Report:

A Re-Inspection Report is issued when an inspector re-inspects work done by an outside contractor.

Note: Escrow Reports and Separated Reports are not actual report types.  An Escrow Report is simply a Complete or Limited report that will be used to meet escrow requirements for the sale of property.  A Separated Report is a variation of the other report types that adds additional detail to each finding and recommendation. More on Separated Reports