WDO or Termite Report?

The common name for a WDO Report in California with consumers is “Termite Report”.  Home owners ask for a termite inspection when they call for service but they are going to get more than just a termite inspection in California.  WDO is short for “Wood Destroying Pests and Organisms” or “Wood Destroying Organisms”.  Inspectors are required by law to report all WDO findings noted during their inspection not just termites.  Some of the other findings that will be included are wood destroying fungus, dry-rot, powder post beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, termite damage, and anything that may lead to a WDO infestation or simply the signs of something that may need to be further investigated.  An inspector can limit the report to a specific area of the property if requested by the person ordering the report.

Let’s say that the owner of the property has requested that they only want the exterior living room bay window inspected because they see some termite dropping on the window sill outside.  When the inspector arrives he confirms a drywood termite infestation but in the same window he sees dry-rot and fungus.  He must report all the findings not just the termite infestation that the home owner called about.  A home owner can request the report to be limited to an area but not limited to a specific type of infestation.


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